- Aug 15, 2016-

Military personnel wear uniforms left parts of the coat of arms. Wear in the front or back of Mark's name, job title, Department, time and number, and so on.

Personality badges also known as the seal of the personality. Personality badges can be used to make a variety of patterns, a set of badges, if one buys a different mold, (die model: 32mm 44mm 58mm 65mm 75mm 150mm 250mm) of different sizes can be made: badge, Kai, hanging bottles, incense box key chains . Rush called "fashion", and success would have a chance. 30 a reincarnation. Chest wearing badge President 30 years ago the Chinese were sweeping the country, 30 years after the individual is the fashionable pursuit of gorgeous men. Character badge production technology, to adapt to seize business opportunities investor demand. The technical production process is simple, color pictures of the coin size by color printer output, end of material or aluminium or steel, outsourcing transparent wear-resistant materials, and then use the badge, field production, done while you wait. Equipped with pliers, key cards, bookmarks and other products can be produced, easy to learn, high production efficiency, can take pictures, like the star, cartoon character, in short, as long as it is one of your favorite pictures print directly or printed, can be made into a personality, fashion jewelry. This product is particularly suitable for tourist attractions commemorate, major meetings and events, advertising, media, organizations, schools and businesses employees wear marks.

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