Bottle opener

- Aug 15, 2016-

Ordinary plastic bottle opener, knife (knife bottle opener), European-style bottle opener, t-shaped Bottle Openers, alloy bottle opener (butterfly bottle opener), vacuum Bottle Openers, electric Bottle Openers, desktop Bottle Openers, wall-mounted bottle opener.

With the emergence and development of modern industry, bottle opener from the first to the third generation, from the original plastic bottle opener to the appearance of high-tech bottle opener, after decades of development. Some people say that the traditional bottle opener is "savage peace" using tools, then, with the electric and pneumatic bottle opener bottle opener the emergence of "savage peace" becomes more elegant, a true gentleman.

First generation: Classic bottle opener

Traditional bottle opener key with plastic hand bottle opener as a representative. This bottle opener shortcomings are obvious: 1, difficulty; 2, not suitable for use in women and children; 3, bureaucracy is not beautiful;

Second generation: stainless steel open bottle device, and butterfly open bottle device, and hippocampus open bottle device, and metal open bottle device,; multifunctional open bottle device; pressure open bottle device and electric open bottle device (prototype) this generation open bottle device began appeared function diversification, using convenient effort, like stainless steel open bottle device in the appeared knife, up to a cut broken foil of role; and metal open bottle device in the began using lever principle, reached convenient effort of effect; this generation of open bottle device of breakthrough is appeared has third generation pressure open bottle device and electric open bottle device prototype, Laid the groundwork for third-generation pneumatic and electric bottle opener.

Opener shortcomings of this generation is also apparent, first of all, get rid of little faults, still not suitable for MS to use metal opener began to use some of the physical principles, but bulky and clumsy. Pneumatic and electric bottle opener on the technical maturity, is not beautiful on the skin.

Third generation: pressure bottle electric wine opener

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