Coat of arms of the production process

- Aug 15, 2016-

Process 1: design a coat of arms artwork. With the popularization of computer technology, computer drawings replaces the previous manual drawings. Coat of arms of the artwork design commonly used software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, the coat of arms if you want to build 3D renderings and 3D Max software support. About color, typically use the PANTONE SOLID COATED, PANTONE colors to better match the colors, decrease the possibility of chromatic aberration.

Process 2: production of the coat of arms of mold. Carved in computer design articles to import good passes, mold engraving machine program, should pay attention to in the process of carving knife sheath thickness, better figure than the mold is there missing. Last to die for heat treatment to strengthen the mold hardness and durability.

Process 3: suppress. Often, heat treatment of mould mounting platens, switch designs copper sheet or coat of arms made of different materials such as iron.

Process 4: Red material. Advance cutting die, the products according to their shape, punch down products.

Process 5: Polish. Products cutting down into the polishing machine, remove the Burr of stamping, improving the finish of the product.

Process 6: welding parts of the coat of arms. Solder welding coat of arms on the back of product standard accessories or spare parts for customer requirements.

Process 7: plating and painting the coat of arms. According to customer requirements for the coat of arms for plating, gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, then paint coat of arms according to the customer's requirements,? to complete color, high temperature bake, to enhance the color fastness. Through this step, a complete coat of arms in accordance with guest card came out.

Process 8: making a good coat of arms of the packaging according to customer requirements. Packaging is generally divided into common packaging and high-end packaging like boxes, which we generally operate according to customer's requirements.

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