Dog tag

- Aug 15, 2016-

Dog tags and military identification cards. Every one of us in front of his chest to wear dog tags, was the service distribution configuration, identification for soldiers; it is a set of (two) stainless steel sheet, two dimensions are 5cm x 3cm, main has a 24-inch long stainless steel necklace, cards have a short 4 inch neck chain. Two plus black muffler gasket (of course you can ask muffling washer with different colors), is the must-have collection of military enthusiasts.

The American civil war

Military identity cards first appeared in the United States during the civil war. Lincoln led the North army, combat officers and soldiers in order to make their identity be confirmed as soon as possible when the casualties, have privately purchased or produced over 5 cm square sign, write or carve your own unit designations and names himself, made from rope or thin rope strung around the neck or in a pocket. Identity cards were just belonging to the officers and soldiers acting on their own, mostly on paper, wood and leather. If there are casualties among soldiers in combat, rescue team based on their identity card records, is easy to identify the injured blood types, names of the dead, injured fast time, provide the basis for accurately identifying dead bodies. While this identity was rough and simple workmanship, but it created a military soldiers wear an identity card in the history of the world of its kind.

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