Embroidery chapter

- Aug 15, 2016-

Also known as embroidery embroidery Zhang Biao, the English translation is: Embroidery Patch. Advantages: Unlike traditional embroidery is easier to mix of clothing, and finished garment embroidery can be made (standard) to paste to achieve high-end results. Based on traditional embroidery for quantity and complex technology, the speed and high prices, the improvement of processing a single, easier to use for close to the clothing company LOGO clothing trademarks.

Embroidery chapter appears, from clothing styles and the number is growing, resulting in clothing embroidery in the process bring about increases in the cost of transport, in order to save on shipping costs, people thinking about processing embroidery, then sew on clothing to save costs, and from small experiments finally reaches a wide range of uses.

Embroidery chapter use

First step, put the cloth flat on you where you want to paste, and hot melt adhesive side against her clothes, warm irons, from applied to positive 10-20 seconds stick fixed.

Second, when applied together with fixed the position of clothing (or other textile products), in turn, pressing temperatures of 150-170 degrees, from opposite ironing 10-15 wonderful, embroidered fabric stickers can be firmly pasted on clothing (or other textiles).

Third step, then from the front 1-2 minutes ironing cloth pasted edges and angles, so that its surface is smooth, and clothes (or other textiles) a perfect fit together.

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