Metal coat of arms

- Aug 15, 2016-

Metal coat of arms belonging to coat of arms (medal), mainly produced by stamping, die-casting, biting, process, and coat of arms of the surface can be electroplated gold, Colin McGUCKIN, Antique Silver Plate, nickel plating results. Its smooth clean lines and curvaceous patterns feature can be used, such as paint, enamel, surface color printing process to make products more abundance. Gold and silver coat of arms of the most expensive, followed by copper, zinc alloy, iron coat of arms the coat of arms the coat of arms is the cheapest.

Metal coat of arms of the original embryo is used to make paint coat of arms, soft enamel badges, epoxy, printed emblems, rough coat of arms the coat of arms of the first step, metal badges after

Paint or soft enamel process and then processed into a fine coat of arms with rich color. Metal badge grills, all kinds of patterns layered highlights, is mostly used in high end user types a coat of arms products. Don't color on metal badges through punch patterned after the production schedule would be shorter, large batches of coat of arms production.

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