Silicone bracelet

- Aug 15, 2016-

First Silicone Jewelry silicone bracelet. 2005 silicone bracelet first appeared in the United States, and quickly became popular in a short time. World's first silicone bracelet is yellow "l IV ESTRONG" silicone bracelet, people wear the silicone bracelet, hope to maintain their good health, to fight cancer.

L IV ESTRONG silicone bracelet origin:

L IV ESTRONG represents a spirit, fate and fighting spirit, the spirit of indomitable courage.

In May 2005, prior to the tour de France, Lance Armstrong Foundation, together with sponsors Nike and by Nike to design the yellow wrist loop. They produced a total of 5 million yellow wrist loop, at a dollar each. Wrist loop made from silicone rubber-like material, still bearing the Armstrong's words, "live strong" (Live Strong, it is also a "feisty strong" pun intended). By mid-July, the first yellow wrist ring sold out, newly made over half of the 6 million have been sold. Sell the wrist loop all of the proceeds will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. During the tour de France, tens of thousands of spectators wearing yellow wrist loop, it became a symbol of Armstrong's yellow Jersey. Silicone bracelet was first popular in the United States, the world's first silicone bracelet yellow "l ESTRONG IV", all wearing the bracelet together are designed to resist diseases cancer, makes their life more stronger!

Since then, due to the silicone bracelet green, nontoxic and odorless, and good flexibility, easy to wear and so on, and gradually developed into a popular jewelry, by the young people's favorite, now various types of silica gel bracelets became popular all over the world.

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