2016 New Silicone Wrist Strap Heart Rate Watch Is Turned

- Aug 15, 2016-

Species growing as watches, watches categories feature is also varied. Can measure the heart rate watch can record our heart rate change in the movement, a timely reminder to adjust the amount of exercise and strength, proper application can measure heart rate watch, can achieve a multiplier effect. Following up this portable wrist "coach" like a heart rate monitor.

Can continuously monitor sports watch heart rate, you can preset exercise heart rate zone. Users only need to own healthy exercise heart rate zone manually set watch watches will be monitored in the user process the user's heart rate and timely analysis. Exercise heart rate is lower than when the user in the user preset, the watch will automatically alarm to remind the user to increase the amount of exercise, increase the exercise intensity. When the watch is on the user to monitor heart rate during exercise data is higher than the user-set heart rate values, watch will automatically send alerts, users can view at this time to reduce the amount of exercise or reduce the intensity of exercise, make sure your exercise heart rate controlled within the effective range of motion.

In addition, this watch without chest strap, without any auxiliary equipment, convenient for real-time control and movement of the pulse and the amount of exercise testing, exercise data is displayed directly after the end, whether private or professional fitness movement, and are able to maximize the training effect. Have one of these watches is the equivalent of having a personal trainer on the wrist.

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