Drinking Bottle Is The Problem? Several Bottle Opener Makes You Fall In Love With The Process

- Aug 15, 2016-

Many friends like usually put some bottles of beer in the fridge, eat the ball to a bottle, truly was full of moisture. But sometimes even the most awkward thing, good beer and exciting game play out of ice, without a handy bottle opener, beer bottle struggles with teeth is not so great! Today to recommend to you a few classy Bottle Openers, drinking alcohol will not!

Bottle hands – Canada Trudeau silicone bottle opener

Summer is coming, when you want to drink cold beverages or a fun party drink, need to open bottle caps. This 2 in 1 bottle opener can meet your needs at a time; you can use black parts are concave metal plate at the bottom, open Crown-shaped Coke bottle. Or ring solid color, cover cap and slide the black part of the set time after the tight, its unique jagged design, can help to easily turn the plastic cap, let you effortlessly spins in bottle Palm; ring can snag carry.

Eye-opening – United Kingdom NPW automatic wine opener

General beer open bottle device of creative are only reflected in appearance design Shang, girls using up inevitably was caps designated hand, accidentally even wine bottle dumped out has, throat are thirsty of smoke, is make indefinite a small of wine caps, met such of status is drunk has, NPW looks at Yu effect, design out most fast most security of open bottle device, just will open bottle device sets in caps Shang, down press, caps on play open has, also applies Yu glass beverage caps, men, women and children are can using.

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