Exquisite Craft Acrylic Photo Frame

- Aug 15, 2016-

At present, many types of Arts and crafts in the market can represent "fashion" meaning of the term. Even home decoration accessories can also embody the word fashion. Acrylic photo frame has a high degree of transparency, surface finish, nicked and yellowing resistance, price, style and more.

Acrylic is a highly processed pure acrylic material. Green, clean, and with unparalleled high light transmittance, weather resistance and aging resistance. It's less than half of ordinary glass, fracture resistance capability is several times higher, and good electrical insulation and mechanical strength, glass is often used alternative materials.

Acrylic photo frame delicate, beautiful, fashion, using strong magnetic attraction to facilitate the replacement screen, completely different from the traditional wood frame, feel more grades. Makes you feel kind of fashion sense.

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