First Successful Fall Month Chinese Lunar Coins

- Aug 15, 2016-

"The moon lady" fairy tales pretty distant. For thousands of years, Chinese people constantly dreamed of the moon. Landing on the Moon is China Aerospace's greatest dream, for which they paid through hard work and sweat. "Where there's a will", on December 14, 2013 to achieve this dream! Chang third carrying China's first moon car-the year of the rabbit, in a successful soft landing on the moon. For this feat is exciting, ever the history in mind, typifies China Aerospace achievement, people's Bank of China issued the "China lunar probe landed for the first time months" of gold and silver coins.

In the design of this coin, accurately reproduce the appearance of Lunar Rover with four characteristics: appreciating gold coin images, first into our line of sight is its hot wheels. Due to Moon surface climb walking of special need, Moon car in appearance Shang maximum of features is it of composite type round leg, in leg front of location installation has similar Yu Nazha of wind steamer; sight to gold picture above go, wheels above is a box, is it of abdominal, inside hid with infrared imaging spectrometer, and avoidance barrier camera, and mechanical arm, and laser lattice device and so on important parts; again to Shang see, Moon car of sides is two fan can activities of solar windsurfing, middle is infrared detection camera. Gold Designer in strict accordance with the design team to the Lunar Rover Rover model, borrowed, in equal proportion in the confusion between reproduction of the Rover Classic exterior styling. 1/4 oz gold coin images are the subject of Rover, but the essence of design is how the fall months probing the scene of a Lunar Rover. Gold coin picture scenes is a lunar crater of rough, rugged lunar surface smooth and easily "walk", and behind it is the vastness of space, away from Blue Earth, leaving two deep furrows imprinted, like the Chinese Lunar journey, difficult but firmly!

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