Label Printing And Design Needs Attention

- Aug 15, 2016-

1th: distance, text on the page (or pictures) from the cutting edges must be 3mm, so as not to cut is cut. After the text converted to curves, note the word disorder or skips or overlaps between lines. Text must be transferred or to trace the outline of the curve. Do not use the system, will cause the print stroke a jagged white nodes. If a stroke staggered when the node is white, with a scattered instruction processing. Don't use black text printing coloring.

2nd: not printing color printer to print color requirements, design must be determined as a percentage of the reference CMYK color spectrum design coloring. Also note: different manufacturers produce CMYK color spectrum by the use of printed paper, printing ink types, the impact of factors such as printing pressure, same color there will be some differences.

3rd: label printing manufacturers in different printing, color difference, chromatic aberration in the 10% for the normal (caused by the printing ink control always have different).

4th: designing color matching please try to avoid using dark or full-color combinations to avoid cutting back printing after printing. Label printing due to low volume, both sides have the same place large blocks of color, the occasional dot.

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