Olympic Commemorative Coins Multi-channel Heat Due To A Price Drop

- Aug 15, 2016-

The 31st summer Olympic Games opened in Beijing on August 6 in Rio de Janeiro. To mark the holding of the Olympic Games and the Olympic spirit from 1952 Finland Helsinki Olympic Games begin, the previous summer and winter games is held by the State Government to issue commemorative coins, has become customary.

Rio Olympics this year is no exception. Brazil Central Bank consists of four batches of 36 gold coins, including 4 gold, 16 silver and 16 for ordinary circulation coins.

Set-Vice President of the Tibetan Association, Guangdong Province, Huang Chengwei, told reporters that "Olympic year" and not as collectors in the industry expects hot Olympic theme of the commemorative coins and commemorative, is the most attention recently from Brazil's Central Bank issued "Rio 2016 Olympic Games commemorative coin collection." Huang Chengwei stressed that the larger circulation of the Rio Olympic full set of commemorative coins, from the investment point of view, than investments in its commemorative and collectable superior.

In the history of Olympic theme commemorative coin issue, the Rio Olympic Games commemorative coins have many unique features, this is the Olympics the first time Olympic double color and double metal ordinary coins (copper-nickel alloy), also at the current circulation of at least ordinary commemorative coins of the Olympic Games in China, which the Olympic Committee authorized to dominate only 100,000 sets, was the first in South America and Portugal language of the city, and so on.

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