Only Normal Coin Size Mini Debut With Bottle Opener

- Aug 15, 2016-

Abroad a new-style super mini utility corkscrew appearance, size and normal 1 pence coin size, very feature-rich. The super mini bottle opener used titanium material, very strong and durable. You can put it on your key chain, negligible weight.

Only opener debut for General coin size mini Super Mini Bottle Openers can be hung on a keychain

This artifact is very simple in use, will hook hook on the lid, gently pulling, is very simple. In addition to outside the bottle, open the cans canned is also its strengths, the operation is very easy.

Only normal coin size mini corkscrew appearance easily open without pressure

Only normal coin size mini bottle opener debut beyond the bottle, can also be used as emergency towing hook

It is worth mentioning that, due to the titanium material, has the characteristics of high strength, low density and hardness. Therefore, also in times of emergency, as a trailer hook. Of course, this is only used to emergency practices. Most of the time, is the most likely used as a bottle opener.

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