Panda Plus Gold And Silver Commemorative Coins Have Been Issued

- Aug 15, 2016-

On August 10, the Shenyang Mint was established 120 anniversary of people's Bank of China has issued a set of pandas and commemorative coins, coins 2 pieces, of which gold coins each 1, silver coins 1, People's Republic of China legal tender.

Xinhua learned from the official website of the people's Bank of China, the coins obverse is Beijing's Temple of heaven for good harvests, and publication name and title and the "Shenyang Mint was established the 120 anniversary of the" Chinese characters, back to Panda tree climbing, and publication "Shenyang Mint was established the 120 anniversary of the" English letters and notes. Among them, 8 g round gold coins each round and 30 grams respectively on the back of the silver commemorative coin issue has a "8g Au.999" and "30g Ag.999". In terms of specification and circulation commemorative coin, 8 gram round gold coins for General currency, contains 8 grams of pure gold, diameter 22 mm, face value 100 Yuan, color 99.9%, the largest circulation of 10000; 30 g round silver commemorative coins the same as ordinary coins, silver 30 grams, diameter 40 mm, a denomination of 10 Yuan, color 99.9%, the largest circulation of 30000.

So-called Pu Panda, Panda and coin the word means in gold and silver coin patterned below, plus engraved commemorative text of related topics. First Panda and coins issued in 1995, the theme is "95 Beijing international stamp and coin exposition commemorative", to date, Panda and coins issued in the international stamp and coin exposition, Bank, Expo, banknote printing and minting, and several series, and a variety of more than 40 species.

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