Soviet Badge: Style Beautiful To Witness The Military Honors

- Aug 15, 2016-

Silent badge tells the stories behind the glory and of positive; martial glory of the uniform in the past and once the storm together. From September 7 to 15th, more than 3,600 pieces (sets) of Soviet military debut in the Chinese people's revolutionary military museum, the time span from 1918 to before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Marshal involved uniforms, insignia, medals, badges, medals, ID accessories and many other series category, these military bearing and bears witness to many important historical events and important historical moments are precious material for understanding and studying Soviet military culture.

It is reported that exhibits all gave honorary librarian, Huang Yonghua, former Vice Chief of staff of Shenyang military region. As early as 1982, when border Director of the combat Department of the Shenyang military region Huang Yonghua, several times around the theater of the Sino-Soviet border, border guards have forged a deep friendship with the Soviet Union, and begin to consciously collection as a "military honours" as the theme of the series of military products.

Honor is more important than life, feats inspire one. It gave staff, held for the personal collection exhibition, gave for the first time in the history. "These exhibits both historic and Museum value, and to educate present. Experiences feelings of honor of a veteran, close a taste of military culture in the Soviet Union at the same time, can make more social audiences remember history, jealous in honour, worship heroes, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. ”

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